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Welcome to Reshine India, where we bring new life into your beloved possessions, transforming them into treasures that shine brighter than ever before.

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Our Working Process


Removal of existing coating

First we take the coating layer off, electrolyically in a chemical solution before transferring it to a stripping solution. This process takes several hours, This is a chemical based solution so we carry out daily checks to ensure the solution is always at its optimum.


Buffing and Polishing

These beloved articles are moved to our polishing department for our highly trained skilled polishers to bring the parts back to a desired finish. This is a multistage process where progressively finer grades of abrasives are used right through to a soft mop finish.


Cleaning of Bare Metal​

The parts are inspected and hand cleaned then, Depending on the substrate of your article, they are processed to different cleaning chemicals to remove the buffing wax from the surface of the articles.


Custom finishing on your Articles​

Reshine India not only restores the original coating but can also bring new custom colors and finishes to your articles. These articles are processed  through the final coating to bring new life into your beloved articles. This enhances the beauty of the articles as well as the life of the articles.

Our Services

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Repolish Articles

Repolishing Articles involves techniques such as cleaning, repairing, polishing, and protecting the surface of the sculpture to restore its original shine

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Refurnish Articles

furnishing Articles involves restoring its appearance, repairing any damage, and ensuring its structural integrity

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Reshine Articles

reshine Articles refers to the process of restoring its shine or luster, typically through polishing and cleaning

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